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Quick Trance Lifestyle

Neurochemical advantage

QUICK TRANCESgive you direct access to positive emotions. Try during discussions before you speak out. Contain or release your feelings in passionate moments. Increase awareness prior to exams or negotiations. Thrill the people around you with new vitality and energy.

Activation of body and soul

No fan of physical exercise? Trance work provides the additional value you were looking for. To many practitioners, QUICK TRANCEfeels like carrying a secret potion, distilled from healthy emotions. In some cases, trances became the primary motivation for regular work out.

Motivation and confidence

The QUICK TRANCEmethod allows you to program your subconscious mind to focus on your own, self-set goals. You will get significantly better at designing your personal future. Powerful mental skills will forever be at your command.

Lifestyle implications

Want to be happy? It’s easy: Eat moderately, exercise regularly, enjoy meaningful friendships and entertain a fulfilling love life. With QUICK TRANCE, these key aspects of a healthy lifestyle will soon seem curiously attractive to you.

No training hours

After initial training there is no need to sacrifice any of your spare time. As the name suggests, QUICK TRANCESare fast. Regular mind trips will be over after 40 seconds, one minute tops.

Possible side effects

None are known. Unless you count growing more focused during challenges, more emphatic in conversations, and more sensual with your partner.

What exactly is trance?
Mood boost, please!