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Find out about an amazing set of secret mind tools:

Take quick sparkling mind trips… and watch your Happy Hormones skyrocket!

Come closer. This is new. With QUICK TRANCE, you’ll command powerful sources of alertness, vitality, even euphoria. Instant emotional recharge!

What’s the secret?

The key is to trick your brain into deploying small quantities of feel good hormones known as Serotonin, Dopamine and Endorphins. Powerful neurotransmitters – but normally they only spice up your mood in situations like these:

Endurance sports, physical challenges

Endurance sports, physical challenges

Sensuous pleasures, sexual ecstasy

Experiencing ecstasy, sexual pleasures

Pushing one's luck, defeating rivals

Pushing one’s luck, defeating rivals

Pain from bodily injuries or exertion

Pain from bodily injuries or exertion

Ingesting chocolate, sugary treats

Ingesting chocolate and other sugary treats

Ingesting chocolate, sugary treats

Substantial efforts, followed by relief

Try and remember the last time you experienced full-scale, real-life euphoria.

Been a while, for you too? What about us people, who tend not to run marathons, win baseball trophies, crush enemies and fall in love on a daily basis?

Truth is: Many people never experience a natural high.

Their hormonal mood boosters won’t bubble at significant levels for them, not once in their lifetimes! It’s like carrying a little candy box, from birth to death, without ever getting around to actually opening it and, for once… tasting chocolate.

That’s because on a regular day, the candy box stays tightly closed.

Unfortunately, the good stuff is stashed away in our body’s internal pharmacy and kept ready for special occasions like those depicted in the images above. Unless, that is, you possess advanced secret mind tools for accessing your body’s resources.

Imagine you could…

  • Access your hormonal candy box as you please?
  • Put yourself in a short trance anywhere, anytime?
  • Treat yourself to sparkling energy boosts?
  • Automate trances in your daily ways and routines?
  • Stay on this level of enhanced vitality?

The unique QUICK TRANCE method presented here manipulates your reward centers. Learn how to seduce your brain into routinely turning out healthy doses of mood-lifting happy hormones.

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