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Musicians Don’t Lose Sleep Over Practice

Memory, Science News | 2013/04/15


photo by Rainer Sturm; pixelio.de

A new study examining how the brain learns and retains motor skills looked particulary into whether sleep enhances the learning process for musicians practicing a new piano melody. The study found that musicians who practiced and learned a new melody and were tested on it again after a night’s sleep show enhanced skill.

“The goal is to understand how the brain decides what to keep, what to discard, what to enhance, because our brains are receiving such a rich data stream and we don’t have room for everything,” says researcher Sarah E. Allen from Dallas.

“Becoming a star over night” seems to be a scientifically sound project now!

But stick to your One Hit Wonder, because the study also found, that when two similar musical pieces were practiced one after the other, followed by sleep, any gains in speed and accuracy were diminished. Can’t have it all, folks.

Source: ScienceDaily