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Lucid Dreaming Fast Track

Mind Tools | 2013/04/09


Price: $ 37.00

The ability to become self-aware within your dreams was recently popularized (and somewhat fictionalized) by the blockbuster movie “Inception”, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Today there are millions of lucid dreamers in the world and millions more who seek to wake up in their dreams.

The exciting new Lucid Dreaming Fast Track focuses on mastering control over the conscious dream world. Packed with induction techniques, in-dream challenges and expert insights, it also includes a fascinating interview with the leading lucid dream researcher, Robert Waggoner.

We all have the natural ability to lucid dream, says Rebecca Turner, creator of the new course. The result? An amazing virtual reality world, where everything looks and feels as vivid as waking life. This state of heightened awareness tells us a lot about human perception, Rebecca says, and just how powerful the human brain really is.

The course includes two special bonuses:

Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis, narrated by Gale Van Cott.
The MP3 is based on a meditation technique that I regularly use to go lucid, Rebecca reveals. Now I can pass this experience on to other dreamers, something I’m really excited about. I also love the background music. It’s haunting, but in a beautiful way!

The Guided Meditation Handbook.
This technique has played a key role in my life, Rebecca says, I wrote this bonus guide from the perspective of a lucid dreamer, including step-by-step tutorials to induce lucid dreams and even out of body experiences.

The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track is available for instant download here:

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