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Deep Zen Meditation

Mind Tools | 2013/04/09
Deep Zen Meditation

photo by Bodo Schmitt, pixelio.de

Price: from $ 77.00

Balancing the two brain hemispheres can be a long-term project – Deep Zen Meditation offers an interesting shortcut. The program helps to achieve relaxation at the deepest level of waking meditation by accessing the Theta Brain Wave frequency.

The method involves special carrier wave tones that change left and right channels every minute. Additionally, brain wave frequencies are doubled at lower harmonics every few minutes. These layered harmonics are the secret weapon of the developers and will, in their words, “aid you in getting the most out of your meditations by staying awake at the lowest waking brain wave frequencies.”

Three modes of intensity provide good experiences for trance practitioners of all levels. Customers are warned not to listen to the third mode until after they have their brains sufficiently acclimated to levels one and two. Level three is indeed quite challenging and can produce the most intense trance states you’ve ever sunk into.

Deep Zen Meditation is available for immediate download and playable on any portable MP3 playing device. Nothing keeps you from trying it out for yourself: The 56 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee should keep you worry-free.

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