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Brain Juicer

Mind Tools | 2013/04/09


Price: $ 17.00

If you often find yourself at a creative roadblock, losing your motivation just before the finish line, or seem to be a recurring victim of procrastination – then you want to check this out.

Brain Entrainment technology’s Brain Juicer program utilizes military-grade technology to target several areas of your brain.

It works by using the brain’s tendency of adapting it’s electrical response to rhythmic sensory stimulation, such as pulses of sound. When played on your stereo – or through headphones – before or while you work, this series of audio files will give your brain a mental workout through carefully applied sound patterns, tones, and frequencies.

  • Achieve peak performance and breeze through the tasks ahead
  • Change your mental states and alter your bodily functions in a snap
  • Kick your productivity into high gear and gain the edge
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Replace mental fatigue with a rejuvenating oasis of calm
  • Increase your productivity and focus
  • Conquer distractions
  • Add enthusiasm to your day

Whatever your specific goals: Creativity, focus, and action are crucial to your success and will set you apart from the competition. Pump Up Your Brain with high quality brain entrainment audios. Re-map your neural pathways, use more of your brain!

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