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Need a mood boost?

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Pump your brain’s reward centers for natural happy hormones!

Your Happy Hormones make you happy – and when you are happy, you are making Happy Hormones. Find out how to seduce your body into turning out more of these healthy, gratifying mood-lifters.

Have you ever asked yourself why some people seem a lot happier than others? And by that I mean consistently, permanently happier. No matter what kind of bad luck is hitting them, these girls and guys keep waltzing though life, happy as clams. They don’t fake it, they feel it. Surely you know a person like that? How do they do it?

My name is Roland, and I am here to tell you about powerful mind tools to spice up your mood, and to also modulate your mood to fit different circumstances, in your private life as well as in business.

Imagine how valuable this could be for you.

happy hormones-good-moodYou are going to feel just like the people over there… on the sunny side of the street. The ones with a natural neurochemical advantage. With plenty of Happy Hormones floating around in their bodies, constantly informing their brains, what great a day it is and how the whole world seems to be smiling.

That is just what Happy Hormones do. While they play an important role in human reproduction, they are also strongly connected to our emotions. Consider, for example, Testosterone, one of the most famous hormones. Think how strongly it drives mood and behaviour.

Mood – and therefore personality – is affected by a few specific neurotransmitters. Want to get to know them a little better?


happy hormones-SerotoninSerotonin keeps you light-hearted and confident. Depression and anxiety are gone, you sleep like a baby, feel more sensual, more aware. With levels sufficiently high, you embrace the world.


happy hormones-DopamineSerotonin’s brother Dopamine sets you up for action in order to achieve rewards. It also balances your sleep and wake cycles. Your ability to feel pleasure and satisfaction is enhanced.


happy hormones-OxytocinCalled the the Love Hormone, Oxytocin amplifies calmness and trust in happy faces. The flow of these neurotransmitters is specifically triggered by orgasms and while giving birth.


happy hormones-EndorphinsKnown as nature’s painkillers, Endorphins affect the brain in a way similar to mankind’s oldest drug, Opium. But, miraculously, they are made by glands in our own bodies!

Natural happiness sure seems like the thing to have. Alas, it does not always come naturally. Even if real reasons exist in the real world that should make them happy, many people somehow aren’t.

That’s because for most of us, our neurochemical balance is far below the happy zone. Many people never experience a natural high. Not even once in their lifetimes. It’s like carrying a little candy box around with them, inside their body, all their life, without ever getting around to actually open it and, for once… taste chocolate.

Many end up in what I call emotional limbo. Definitely not enjoyable.

Do you have any idea how much money Americans spend to fight depression, anxiety, and apathy? 20 Billion Dollars each and every year. And those numbers doubled within the last decade. Now guess what almost all of the so-called Happy Pills do: Yes, they stimulate the flow of Happy Hormones.

Munch away on Happy Pills? Really?

I am not a fan of fancy medication. I don’t like depending on doctors and prescriptions. Also, like any drugs, the ones messing with your brain tend to have undesirable side effects like headaches, nausea, and even sexual dysfunction. Come on: Taking Happy Pills and ending up losing your sex drive? Where is the happy in that?

Okay, in severe cases of depression only the pharmaceutical approach seems to be working. If you need to go down that road, please talk to a responsible doctor. But also consider the alternative: A pills-free solution. A better one.

My point is: You can actually train how to pump your brain’s reward centers for natural, mood-lifting drugs. Substances, which are already being produced in your body, but just won’t rise to significant levels.

There is a way to get the juices flowing.

Actually more than one way, even now that we have ruled out pills. All you have to do is constantly watch your diet and work out a lot. Sounds familiar? Yes, there are people out there who are good at that. But they probably won’t be reading this, because they are busy climbing mountains, scouting for organic snackbars, making love, that sort of thing. Let’s not worry about their Happy Hormones.

Do you, too, sit a lot in front of the computer? Checking facebook? Not getting enough sun? Ordering too many pizzas? Be honest with yourself. Search your memory for the last time you experienced true full-scale-real-life euphoria. Been a while?

What if a sure-fire method existed, a way to command personal vitality, joy, even ecstasy? What if you could firmly stay on this level, also known as the sunny side of the street? Live your life with a little more energy? Permanently?

Do I have your attention?

You can safely access your hormonal candy box.

The QUICK TRANCE method revealed in my book SECRET MIND TOOLS tricks your brain, but in a good way. It helps you to literally seduce your body into producing more healthy, gratifying mood-lifters.

“The Quick Trance Seminar changed my life”

Flowing gracefully through a stressful job has become so much easier. Wish I had known the program earlier.

Marietta Fruehmann, Restaurant Manager
Emotional glucose alright! Cancel the coffees and trash your smokes. I recommend you try the Quick Trance Method instead.

Prof. Marco Boldrer, Law professor
You have it on you at all times, like a superpower. The fact that you don’t use up any extra time for this is awesome.

Stefan Brodek, Graphic Designer
Helpful for breaking up a boring stretch while on hold for tech support or waiting in line anywhere.

Anette Carnes, Executive Assistant
Once you experience the possible sensory bliss firsthand, you will recognize the huge regenerative potential of this method.

Werner Jambor, Science Journalist
I even started hearing the sounds of colors. This formula for the Lightness Of Being really works!

Alexandra Bischof, Energetics Advisor

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Charging stations for your emotional battery.

The QUICK TRANCE method is easy to learn. As the name suggests, these trances are quick. A regular mind trip takes 40 seconds, one minute tops.

This is part of the secret why this particular method is so successful: If a trance technique takes a lot of time to master, and you have to make time for practice during your busy days… let’s be realistic, you are not going to do it for long. Neither would I. With QUICK TRANCES on the other hand, there is no need to sacrifice any of your spare time to make it work.

Doing something new and worthwhile but not spending any extra time on it? How is that even possible?

Think how much time passes, as we are waiting for computers to boot, waiting lines to shrink, elevator doors to open, and airplanes to land. It’s minutes, but they add up to days, weeks, months. In all these moments of our lives our mental capacity lies idle.

My proposal for you: On one level, you keep running necessary chores, like everyone has to. But at the same time you raise your emotional energy with personal QUICK TRANCES.

Take sparkling mind trips.

You don’t even have to remind yourself to do your trances. Buy it, learn it and forget it. It will still work. And why is that? It’s because I am going to teach you how to link QUICK TRANCES to certain habits in your personal life, so they will spark on their own, on a daily basis.

You’ll be surprised. And you’ll surprise yourself.

The secret is released to the public for the first time now.

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Watch your Happy Hormones skyrocket.

There are no follow-on costs, no recurring requirements, no gimmicks. The seminar teaches you all you need to know in great detail, with lots of practical applications, true step-by-step instructions.

As for the cost, of course it’s priceless. I could ask 40.00, 50.00 or even 60.00 dollars for this information anytime. But you are lucky. For a short time, my special offer to you is $19.99 $12.99 and you will enjoy it tremendously.

So if you want instant emotional recharge, and watch your Serotonin and Dopamine levels skyrocket, I suggest you start expanding your mental arsenal with the supreme QUICK TRANCE mind tools. Get the e-book right now!

The Quick Trance Seminar

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Download the e-book for USD 12.95

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